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At Folio, direct indexing is what we’re built for: our technology allows advisors to build personalized indexes with ease.

Folio’s direct indexing capabilities allow advisors to create completely customizable indexes, or “folios,” filtered for particular tilts, industries, sectors, geographies, values-based preferences and more. With Folio, you also get:

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Ready-to-Go™ Folios

In addition to building your own indexes from scratch, you can access over 100 free Folio-built indexes called Ready-to-Go™ Folios (RTGs) around nine different disciplines. RTGs can be used “as is” or as a basis for your customization.

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You can also utilize indexes created by other investment professionals through Folio’s proprietary Model Manager Exchange.

The technology underlying direct indexing is incredibly complex, but in our two decades in business, we’ve built the foundation for it, to make investing easier for all, from beginner to mass affluent to high-net-worth investors, and those who serve them.

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What is Direct Indexing?

Unlike ETFs and mutual funds, which are essentially “wrappers” with a predetermined number of prescribed stocks, chosen by company analysts, direct indexing allows advisors to build their own customized portfolios for clients based on indexes or model portfolios – creating truly personalized investments for any account size.

The advantages of direct indexing include:

  • The ability to customize portfolios to fit clients’ needs, including:
    • Beliefs and values: Choose individual securities that align to clients’ personal values and avoid those that don’t
    • Employment situation: Preclude being too heavily weighted in an employer’s stock or industry
    • Tax needs: Optimize clients’ tax gains or losses by selling only the stocks that will help achieve their goal
  • Lower costs: Unlike ETFs and mutual funds, direct indexes have no embedded product fees or management fees
  • Fee transparency: Investors can see exactly what they own of each stock, and what they paid for it, in their statements

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